Jerry Holland - Fiddler's Choice



One of the best composers and musicians in the history of Cape Breton music. Playing for dances from the age of six with such greats as Angus Chisholm & Winston Fitzgerald! This album is essential listening!!

"'Holland's fiddling, as demonstrated on Fiddler's Choice is exciting stuff!" Rambles.

Wake Up To Cape Breton Medley; Everyone's Fancy; Miss Hutton's Medley; Boo Baby's Lullaby; Alexander William MacDonnell; Ashley MacIsaac's Request; Paul Cranford's Medley; Fiddling Friends; Thelma MacPherson's Raised Bass Set; For My Mother Dear; Glenn & Karl's Set; Dave "Normaway" MacDonald's Wedding; Dance Your Heart Away; Roderick Cameron's Set; Paddy's Trip To Scotland.

Jerry started playing the fiddle aged only around 5, and was soon performing in public; by the age of ten he was a regular musician at dances! His father was a fiddle player too, and both he, and other old fiddlers such as Winston Fitzgerald, Bill Lamey, and Angus Chisholm provided great inspiration for the young player. He learnt tunes of Scottish, Irish and Cape Breton origin, and composed his own in the traditional style, many of which have become standards.

He has toured extensively in North America, but also in Europe. His many recordings are all imbued with his passion for the music.

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Scots music, traditional music, fiddling music.

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