Iron Horse - Five Hands High



For their third album Iron Horse provide lots of driving instrumental sets, plenty of virtuoso strings, good harmonies and a balanced mix of new and traditional material.

"There is plenty of new and exciting material here, and all of it played with great skill and energy". The Living Tradition Magazine.

The 8 Step Waltz; A’Bhean Iadaich; This Is No’ My Plaid; Stobieside Lodge; The Rubber Man; Glasgow Peggy; The Linguist; Inheritance; Lowlands Of Holland; The Sheepwife; The Heiress; Fragment; Northern Cross Rising.

Already well established on the traditional music scene, the band first demanded the attention of a broader public through the music they created for the BBC TV documentary series, "The Gamekeeper" (1995), the music of which is on their CD Voice Of The Land.

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