Ian Muir & His Scottish Dance Band - An Evening With Friends Vol 2



Ian Muir and His Scottish Dance Band - An Evening With Friends at Jimmy Norman's.

Following in the footsteps of the very popular An Evening..  Vol. 1, here's the enthusiastic audience back with Ian Muir's Scottish Dance band. Packed with good-going numbers in the traditional style, this CD offers many grand sporran shooglers! 

Ian Muir - lead accordion, Derek Hamilton - second accordion, Neil MacMillan - piano / bass, Gordon Simpson - fiddle, Max Ketchin - drums.

Military Two-step; Vienese Swing; Quick Step; Eva Three-step; Barn Dance Rock; Shiftin' Bobbins; St. Bernard's Waltz; Southern Two-step; Chicgo Swing; Marine Four-step; Modern Waltz; Millennium March; Postie's Jig; Fox Trot; Gay Gordons; Hesitation Waltz; White Heather Fox Trot; Britannia Two-step; Old Time Waltz.

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