Ian Cruickshanks - About Tyme Two



Another great album from Ian Cruickshanks & His Band - this time called "About Tyme Two". The usual band has been augmented for the recording to produce a big sound: with Ian on button box, Jimmy Sturrock on fiddle, Ian MacCallum on 2nd box, Bill Ewan on grand piano, Willie Milligan on drums, Brian Cruickshank on bass and they are joined by Bruce Lindsay on box for ten of the 21 tracks.

"This band is absolutely timeless.. Yet another cracker from the band". Box & Fiddle.

The Kirrie March; The Ruby Waltz; Southern Two-step; White Heather Fox-trot; Postie's Jig; Owen & Catherina Harrison's Waltz; St. Cyrus Swing; Eva Three Step; Black Mountain Reel; Waltz Catherine; Balmoral Two-step; Lilac Waltz; Mississippi Dip; Pride Of Erin; Lancelot Two-step; Palais Glide; The Birthday Waltz; Joe McDiarmid's Jig; The Gay Dragoon; Circle Waltz; Favourite Marches.

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