Iain MacPhail & His Scottish Dance Band - Celebrates In South America



One of the top bands - Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band - play dances popular with Scottish Dance groups of South America where he and the band regularly play. Iain MacPhail (lead accordion) is joined by Ron Kerr (fiddle), Gordon Young (drums), Stuart Forbes (fiddle), David Flockhart (piano/bass), Brian Griffin (harmony accordion) and Iain Watt (vocals).

"As ever his playing is exceedingly lively." The Reel.

Grand March; Eightsome Reel; Scottish Reform; Waltz Country Dance; Circassian Circle; Hamilton House; Glasgow Highlanders; Dashing White Sergeant; Gay Gordons; Strip The Willow; Petronella; Lamb Skinnet; Duke And Duchess Of Edinburgh; Circle Waltz.

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