Iain MacKay - Seoladh



Discover the talented sound of Iain MacKay - a renowned Gaelic singer from the Isle of Lewis, renowned for captivating audiences with his passionate performances! Accompanied by Scotland's top musicians, this album is a must-have for fans of traditional Gaelic music - having even won the National Mod gold medal in 1972. Experience the magic of Iain MacKay!

M'Eudail Air Do Shuilean Donna; Och Nan Och Tha Mi Fo Mhulad; Mo Nighean Donn's Toigh Leam Thu; 'S E Siabost As Boidhche Leam; Mairi Mhin Mheall-shuileach; Eilean Beag Leodhais; Banais Mor Chamshroin; Ceann Loch An Duin; Ochoin A Righ Gur E Mi Tha Muladach; Mor Nighean A Chibearlain; Bu Tu Mo Chruinneag Bhoidheach; Direadh Nam Beann Arda.

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