Hom Bru - No Afore Time



Hom Bru's No Afore Time CD is one of those rare home-spun albums that combines bounding enthusiasm with buckets of talent. Mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, fiddle and vocals; a strong sense of tradition, superb arrangements and a great depth of feeling for the music. Gentle songs, bouncing boogies, serene and plaintive airs and rocket-fuel reels!

"Four fun-loving fellas enjoy themselves and have a merry ceilidh". Folk World.

The band have twenty-five years experience and have played countless venues. Here they return to their Shetland roots with an incredibly strong album that in any less talented hands would be pitifully naff at best. Who else could combine Recuerdos De La Alhambra from the playing of John Williams with a banjo hoe-down, the reel The Harley Ashtray, and a trowie boogie compete with squeaky-voiced troll choir? All utterly brilliant, especially the gorgeously gutteral counting in! 

Millbrae; Da Sang O Da Delting Lass; Suzis Waltz; A Scarce O' Tatties; Da Sang O Da Fisher Lad; Recuerdos De La Alhambra; The Galway Hornpipe; Da Trowie Song; Serendipity; Joys Of Quebec; High Rockin Swing; Da Lass O Hascosay; Bonnie Nancy; The Harley Ashtray; Simmer Dim.

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