Highlands & Islands: Volume 1 Loch Shiel



Highlands & Islands: Volume 1 - Loch Shiel from the BBC radio programme. A gorgeous CD of entrancing music, songs and stories from the west coast of Scotland. Iain MacDonald, Iain MacFarlane, Hoogie, Blazin' Fiddles, Jim Hunter, Ingrid Henderson, Arthur Cormack and others are captured on this album of the Radio Scotland show. 

"A delightful Journey … see the sunlight on the water as you close your eyes". Inverness City Advertiser.

Introduction; The Steamboat; Paradise On Earth; Sileas; Stags at the Glenuig Dance; Clo Mhic Ille Mhicheil; Skipper of the Sileas; The Northern Lass Set; Lochaber Gathering; Irishman's Bay; The Harpie Set; Twitchers on the Loch; MacAllister; Sanctuary; Ri Taobh Loch Seile; Catching the Apples; Musical Slippers; The Politician; Watercolour; The Green Isle; Goat Island.

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