Hesperus - Celtic Roots



Celtic Roots is an album of early music from the talented group Hesperus. Portraying Scottish and Irish tunes from the earliest traditional sources.

Thina Chancey (Treble & bass Viola da Gambas, Fiddle & recorder), Grant Herreid (Lute, Early Guitars & Recorder), and Scott Reiss (Recorders, Whistle & Hammered Dulcimer). 

They are joined by special guests Bonnie Rideout (Scottish Fiddle), William Taylor (Wire Clarsach Harp & Gothic Bray Harp), and  Philippe Varlet (Irish Fiddle).

Haste To the Wedding; The Reel Of Tulloch; MacDonalds Of The isles; Aileen Aroon; Scotch Hornpipe; A Scots Tune; Strike The Gay harp; When She Cam Ben She Bobbit; Gowd On Yeour Gartens Marion; Cary Owen; O'Farrell's Welcome To Limerick; Through The Wood Laddie; A New Scotch Tune; Ellionoir A Ruin; Meeting At Strathmore; The White Cockade.

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