Hebrides Ensemble & Consort Of Voices - Songs Of Courtship



Hebrides Ensemble & Consort Of Voices CD Songs Of Courtship is culture of a classical mode, with a highland overlay. Choral works, chamber music, a capella vocals - a gorgeous and erudite production. 

John Bevan Baker (1926-1994) organised the music school and festival on the Black Isle, near Inverness. He was also a prolific writer and composer, providing original pieces plus works based on earlier words such as those by the poet Dunbar, and the 7th century Chinese poet Mao Shih, whose Songs of Courtship form the first piece on the CD. Choral works, chamber music, a capella vocals - a gorgeous and erudite production.

Out In The Bushlands; In The Lowlands; Plop Fall The Plums; A Very Handsome Gentleman; Of Fair Girls The Loveliest; The Cock Has Crowed; Shu Is Away; A Moon Rising; Outside The Eastern Gate; If Along The Highroad; By The Willows Of The Eastern Gate; I Brought My Great Carriage; Wedding Song: My Lord Is All Aglow; Duo; March; Jig; Intermezzo; Berceuse; Finale; Spring; Triptych; A Song For Kate; Eclogue; Rorate Coeli Desuper.

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