Hearts Outline Bamboo Lunch Box



Whatever you want to take for lunch this little box will do it in style, and with great eco-credentials. The re-usable Bamboo Lunch Box means no need for cling-film or tin foil on your sandwiches, or you can fill it with a tasty salad. You could also use it to store food in the fridge - a great alternative to plastic tupperware. The lid fits snugly and is held in place with a silicone band. 

Approx: 18.5 x 12.5 x 6 cm.

Box: 50% bamboo fibre, 25% corn fibre, 5% wood fibre, 25% melamine resin.

Band: 100% silicone.

Handwash only. Not microwave safe. Not suitable for freezers.

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