Hard-Wear Silver / Gold Wing Nut Necklace



The Hard-Wear Collection is a sharp new take on the everyday finds in your toolbox. Cast from actual nuts, bolts, screws and nails these pieces are bold, fun and just a little bit edgy. 

The Wing Nut Necklace is a clever little piece, the nail and wing nut acting as both the fastener and eye-catcher. Nifty!

Cast in solid silver, the wing nut is also finished in 18ct yellow gold vermeil.

This piece is from I Love A Lassie Jewellery, one of our favourite Scottish Jewellers. Kindly be assured that we dispatch all items from our lovely shop, right here in Beauly in the Highlands of Scotland.

Wing Nut / Nail approx 2 cm length. Chain length 40 cm.

See all our collection of I Love A Lassie Necklaces.

From your I Love A Lassie Stockist in the Highlands of Scotland - The award-winning shop The Old School Beauly.

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