Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - The Ceilidh Dance



The Ceilidh Dance as played by the Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - one of the few able to play for the various Scottish dance styles in the appropriate traditional ways. Here they present a CD of music for ceilidh dancing, with a leaflet of instructions too. A good, full sound with plenty of verve...

Winner of the National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs’ award – CD of the Year 2007.

Riverside; The Gay Gordons Two-step; Black Mountain Reel; The Baden Powell; Wilma’s Waltz; Eva Three-step; Gypsy Tap; Waltz Country Dance; Seige of Ennis; Circassian Circle; White Heather Foxtrot; Waves of Tory; Waltz of The Bells; Anniversary Two-step; Call of The Pipes; Orcadian Strip The Willow; Flying Scotsman.

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band was formed in 1983 when leader Nicol McLaren, then a salesman with S.A.I. in Blairgowrie, was asked by a customer if he could put together a band for a church social. From that gig came another half dozen bookings and The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band was born. The Band has gone on to become one of the most popular Scottish dance bands and confirmation of their popularity is their twelve broadcasts on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Take The Floor”, presented weekly by Robbie Shepherd, MBE, plus three previous albums. The Glencraig name came from Nicol’s working collies, Glen and Craig.

The Glencraig Band is one of the few bands that specialises in playing for all types of Scottish social dancing and Nicol is passionate about set construction and arrangement to match the dance and maximise the enjoyment for dancer and listener alike. In this recording they capture the mood and the feeling of the Ceilidh – informal dance enjoyment for all. 

Nicol, who has been playing accordion since the age of nine, features on lead accordion and the other Band members are Gordon Howe (fiddle); Neil Caul (2nd accordion); Isobelle Hodgson (piano); John Sinton (double bass); and David Bell (drums). The CD booklet contains full dance instructions by Karin Ingram. This CD is essential for everyone who enjoys a good Ceilidh!

In addition to a very busy schedule, which takes the Band to every corner of the United Kingdom and beyond, Nicol still finds time to present “Sporrans a Burlin” on Heartland FM radio and his services are much in demand for adjudicating, tutoring and compering. Nicol is also Chairman of The National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs.

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