Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - Old Time Dances



Old Time Dances: Ah'm Dancin' is a superb CD from the Glencraig Scottish Dance Band with a selection of dances popular with Old Time Dance clubs. The band is one of the busiest bands around - they perform in venues from the smallest village hall ceilidh, to Caledonian Balls in the Middle East & Russia, to RSCDS Balls from Aviemore to Australia. 

Nicol McLaren - lead accordion
Gordon Howe - fiddle
Neil Caul - second accordion
Isobelle Hodgson - piano
John Sinton - double bass
Robert Simpson - drums

With dance instructions in the CD booklet by June Templeman, Jessie Stuart and Karin Ingram.

La Russe; Joe McDiarmid’s Jig; Edinburgh Mixture; Viennese Swing; Mississippi Dip; Lion Standard Quadrilles; Shifting Bobbins; Marine Four-Step; Nottingham Lace; Student Lancers; Killarney Waltz; Bees of Maggieknockater; Palais Glide; Irish Rover;  Jacky Tar Two Step; Seton’s Ceilidh Band; Fisherman’s Reel.

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