Gillebride MacMillan - Thogainn Ort Fonn



Gillebride MacMillan from South Uist has won both Gold Medals at the National Mod, and has more recently shot to wider fame through his appearances as the Bard on the Outlander series. Here he presents a selection with a strong Uist bias, accompanied by his sister, Mairi, and Mary Ann Kennedy, Aaron Jones, Allan Henderson, Rachel Walker, James Graham and more.

Gaelic lyrics and translation are in the CD booklet.

An Cluinn Thu Mo Nighean Donn; Mi 'm Shuidhe M' Onar; Oran Dhan Eideadh Gaidealach; Puirt-a-Beul; Calum A' Ghlinne; Marbhrann Do Mhrs. Noble; Mo Nighean Dubh; Buth Dhomhnaill 'Ic Leoid; Moladh Uibhist; Oran Do Phrionnsa Tearlach; Urnaigh Naomh Francis; Turas Dhomhsa Chon Na Galldachd; A Chailin Mheall Thu Mi; Puirt-a-Beul; Dh'Fhalbh Mo Bhean Chomainn.

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