Gary Forrest & Roddy Mathews - Barrowburn



Gary Forrest from the Scottish Borders and Roddy Matthews from the other side of the border in Northumberland are both superb musicians and play traditional and self-penned tunes with skill and passion. Blistering reels and stunning slow airs.

Barrowburn; Border Marches; Hunthill Cottage; Gary's Solo; Border Waltzes; Ceilidh Jigs; Midlam March; 6/8 Pipe Marches; Shetland / Northumbrian Reels; Da Bothal Bothie Two-step; Roddy's Hornpipes; Gary And Nicky's Set; Passchaendale Set; Gaelic Waltzes; The Lovely Lynn Set; Margaret Ann Robertson; Jiggyreelypipey Set.

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