Gaelic Women - Ar Canan's Ar Ceol



This unique new album of Gaelic-speaking women singing has been some three years in the making. Featuring many of Scotland's most celebrated Gaelic singers, the album demonstrates the richness and diversity of the tradition, focusing on women's part in the creation of its poetry and song.

Each singer has contributed a song of her particular choice.
The extensive sleeve notes, prepared by Gaelic teacher / broadcaster, Chris Dillon, both in Gaelic and English, serve to provide fascinating insights into the background of both singers and songs alike.

The singers include:
Catherine-Ann MacPhee, Maggie MacInnes, Flora MacNeil. Cairistiona Maclnnes, Ishbel MacAskill, Karen Matheson, Kenna Campbell, Mary Ann Kennedy, Wilma Kennedy, Mairi MacInnes with The Glasgow Gaelic Choir, Anna Murray, Anne Lorne Gillies, Margaret Stewart, Mairi Morrison, Mary Smith, Eilidh, Gillian and Fiona MacKenzie .

Musicians involved in the project include:
William Jackson (harps, whistles). Fraser Fifield (saxophones). Malcolm Jones, (guitars, keyboards, accordion), Maggie Maclnnes (harp), Allan MacDonaId (pipes), James Macintosh (drums), Tony MacManus (guitar), Peggy O'Keefe (piano), Donald Shaw (keyboards), Jim Sutherland (percussion).

"A remarkable tribute to all involved". fRoots.

O Tennaibh Dluth Is Togaibh Fonn; Disathuirne A Ghabh Mi Mulad; Soraidh Leis An Ait; Gura Tu Mo Bhean Chomuinn; Puirt A Beul; Is Gaidheal Mi; Gur Daor, Gur Daor A Cheannaich Mi; Na Rosan; An t-Slige Chreachain; Aodann Strathbhain; Tha Caileag A'st-Earrach; Calum Sgaire; Roghainn; Canan Nan Gaidheal.

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