Freeland Barbour & Friends - The Music And The Land



Freeland Barbour & Friends play The Music And The Land recorded at the launch concerts for the book of the same name. The book features 450 of Freeland's tunes the stunning photography of Cailean Maclean. 

The album includes contributions from The Occasionals Ceilidh Band - comprising Freeland Barbour (accordion), Mairi Campbell (fiddle), Alison Smith (fiddle), Kevin Macleod (tenor banjo and mandolin), Gus Millar (drums) and Neil MacMillan (piano) - with guests Martin Carthy (songs), Phil Cunningham (accordion), Ross Ainslie (smallpipes and Highland pipes), Simon Thoumire (concertina), Gary West (smallpipes), Jane Gardner (piano), Jane Barbour (piano), Billy Kay (speech) and Cailean Maclean (speech). These guests appear solo and in various combinations with Freeland which makes for a wonderful album of real listening pleasure.

Tracks include not only Freeland Barbour’s compositions but those of Phil Cunningham, Gordon Duncan, Simon Thoumire and more, plus traditional tunes. There is a track in tribute to the late Johnny Cunningham, Gordon Duncan, Andy M Stewart and Jim Barrie played by Freeland, Jane, Mairi and Alison, plus a track consisting of three classic Gordon Duncan tunes played on the pipes by Ross Ainslie, a friend and admirer of Gordon Duncan.

There are many other highlights on the album, including Freeland sharing sets with Phil, Simon, Gary, Ross and of course stand-out tracks by The Occasionals. Not forgetting of course two songs from the master: Martin Carthy.

A most unique collection. 

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