Flowers Of Scotland



Flowers Of Scotland is a brilliant compilation CD celebrating Scotland's much loved flowers in music and song. The Blubell Polka from Jimmy Shand, Roses Of Prince Charlie sung by Peter Morrison, The Clydesiders praising The Rowan Tree, & many more gems. Plenty here for all.

The Thistle Of Scotland; The Butterfly Polka; Flowers Of The Forest; The Bluebells Of Scotland; Flowers O' The Quern; Orange Blossom Special; The Rowan Tree; The Flower Of Portencross; My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose; The Rose Of Tralee; Bright Blue Rose; The Rosebud Of Allanvale; The Bluebell Polka; The Flowers Of Edinburgh; The Heather Mixture Polka; The Flower Of Scotland; Roses Of Prince Charlie.

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