Eoin Dillon - The Third Twin



Experience the lively and unique sound of Eoin Dillon's uillean pipes, accompanied by bouzouki, guitar, and fiddle. With mostly original compositions, this album showcases Eoin's skill and subtlety, infused with humour - just as you would expect from a member of the band Kila.

"Eoin Dillon's solo debut is a thing of rare beauty... This is a slow grower of a collection which insinuates itself past the hairs on the back of your neck and into your subconsciousness where it'll bask indefinitely." The Irish Times.

Liffey Reels; Paddy's Perambulation; Australian Kiss; Codladh Samh; Length Of Space; March Of April Maye; Joxer's Parrallell; The Moon On Me Back; Marcus McSpartacus; First Ave.

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