Eoin Dillon - The Golden Mean



Eoin is the piper from renowned Irish band Kila. Sometimes fast and breath-taking sometimes slow with careful consideration, this album shows the full breadth of Irish music, in Eoin's recognisable style of open relaxed piping. All tunes are self-penned.

Eoin Dillon on Uilleann Pipes and Whistles, is joined by Steve Larkin on Fiddle & Viola, Desmond Cahalan on Guitar, and Frank Tate on Bouzouki & Mandolin.

"A virtuoso at play" Metro album review.

"Eoin Dillon raises the bar... he envelops his instrument with paternalistic protectiveness, leading and driving tunes from the belly of a most beautiful beast... he's forged a deserved reputation for serious tune-smithery since last year's release of his superb debut collection, The Third Twin".

The Golden Mean is his second solo album, follow on from the gorgeous The Third Twin. It again shows his brilliant command over his instrument. Like the Third Twin the Golden Mean contains all self penned tunes representing a continuation in the future of traditional music from Ireland, some are versions previously recorded with Kila and all pieces are newly arranged.

Tunes without lyrics can tell a thousand stories allowing the imagination to wander. Tunes such as 'And fox ate Nandy's red shoe' tells the tale of natures daring exploits in suburban living. The 'Lament for Fr. Pat Noise' chronicles the tragic demise of same said fictional Dublin character to whom a plague mysteriously appeared, disappeared, reappeared finally disappeared for good on O'Connell bridge in the early 2000's. The tune Barrakaldo records Eoins dramatic adventures in the Basque country where he regularly performs, while The yogurt weavers lament pays homage to the passing of an ancient craft.

Boy Racer & Wexford Races; Star Of The Sea; Barrakaldo; Lament For Fr. Pat Noise; Babganoush; The Pound Loney; The Yogurt Weavers Lament; And Fox Ate Nandy's Red Shoe.


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