Eilidh Mackenzie - Bel Canto



The story by Ann Patchett about an opera diva and her audience being taken hostage has been transferred into Scottish Gaelic and English. A stellar cast of singers and musicians tell the story in 14 original songs.

Pago Io Vovro: A Chiad Pog (The First Kiss); Chan Eil Cuimhn' Am; Here We Go Again; 'S Mise Gam Tholadh; You Misunderstand Me; Oganaich Mo Chridhe; Suidh San Oisean; Cesar's Tree; An Comhradh; Cait An Robh Thu Ghealltaire Ghallda?; Gentle Kisses; Faillirinn O Ile Ghasta; Reidhphort; Direach Nar Dithis.

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