Dressing Gown with Edinburgh Map Design



We love the cultured city of Edinburgh and we love this elegant dressing gown, screen printed with a beautiful map of Edinburgh & Leith.

This range of map dressing gowns has been popularised by Nigella Lawson wearing a dressing gown in her new cooking show "At My Table".

The gowns are lightweight and one sized. We have found customers from a Small to Large will fit the dressing gown when they try in our shop. Being so lightweight, the gown is ideal if you are travelling because it adds very little to your luggage weight allowance. The material is very soft to touch, being  50% modal and 50% viscose and the gown is approximately 105 cm in length. 

We recommend washing by hand and treating the gown as a delicate item. We are delighted that this product is made from naturally occurring materials with principles of sustainability in mind

This will be dispatched to you from our shop in Beauly, The Highlands of Scotland, adjacent to the tranquil ruins of Beauly Priory. We hope you will cherish this special and beautiful piece.

See the One Hundred Stars collection.

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