Duncan Chisholm - Sandwood CD



At last the new CD from Duncan Chisholm is in stock, and well worth the wait!! Most of the tunes on this album are composed by Duncan and played by him and a top-notch team of musicians. With Hamish Napier on piano and flute, Ross Hamilton on guitar and bass, Jarlath Henderson on uilleann pipes and whistles and Donald Shaw provides piano and string arrangements. Moving multi-layered pieces with great harmonies and Duncan's evocative playing. When the spoken words start off don't think you have the wrong CD - it is all part of the experience!

The Pilgrimage; The Light Of Tuscany; Haze Across The Sun; A Precious Place; Dizzy Blue; The White Bird; Islands On The Edge; Snow On High Ground; The Burial Clouds; Perfect Storm; North To Cape Wrath - The Dark Reel; Bagh Seannabhad.

See all of the Duncan Chisholm Fiddle CDs  we stock at the Old School Beauly. And our complete Scottish Fiddle Music CD collection. 

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