Dr Bruce Thomson - The Sma' Glen



The Sma Glen is a collection of forty-nine tunes from the book of the same name, played on electronic chanter by Dr. Bruce Thomson accompanied by the multi-talented Derek Richardson (guitar, whistle, mandolin & keyboard) & Bob Elder (percussion). Two tracks are played by Marian Anderson's Band.

"These tunes come as a breath of fresh air to a piping scene dominated by a competition repertoire". Andrew Wright.

The Comrie Pipe Band; The London-Scottish Polka; The Sma' Glen; Portsonachan Hall; Chrissie Dixon; Rumbling Bridge; Dr. Bill Fraser; Kinshaldi Beach Polka; Andrew Wright; Inchaffray; Knit One Purl Two; Bill Hart; Clachan Yell; Derek Richardson; The Knees Up Polka; The Queen Of Scots; Rory Sinclair.

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Traditional Scots music played on the bagpipes.

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