Dougie MacLean -The Plant Life Years



Dougie MacLean's recordings on Plant Life now remastered onto CD. Fourteen tracks including the original recording of his ever popular anthem "Caledonia".

Plooboy Laddies; Johnny Teasie Weasle; Over My Mountain; Mistress Mackinley's; Breakfast Surreals; Northern Cowboy; I Lo'e Nae A Lassie But Ane; Rattlin' Roarin' Willie; Mormond Braes; Caledonia; Jock Stewart; Leis A Lurighan; Rolling Home; Mill Brae/Lassies Trust In Providence/Bonnie Isle O' Whalsay; Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon.

Scots songs, traditional music, male folk singer.

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