Dick Gaughan - An Introduction To



An Introduction To Dick Gaughan picks some of the finest tracks from his life-long career in Scottish music. From his early days in Boys Of The Lough and Five Hand Reel through his extensive solo work. Described by John Peel as one of the five or six great voices of our time, Gaughan is a stunning singer, but he is also as a fine and innovative guitarist, as the solo instrumental tracks show. Many of the songs have a strong socialist ethos, but all are superbly delivered.

Both Sides The Tweed; The Pound A Week Rise; Bonnie Wooda'; Copper & Brass / The Gander on the Pratie Hole; Crooked Jack; Gillie Mor; The Flowing Tide / The Fairies Hornpipe; World Turned Upside Down; Song For Ireland; Workers Song; Planxty Johnson; The Snow They Melt The Soonest; Scarecrow; Willie O'Winsbury.

Scots songs, traditional music, male folk singer.

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