Deep Sky Divers - Highlands & Skylands



Music from the Deep Sky Divers inspired by the Scottish Highlands, a Cd of truly panoramic listening. All the tracks are composed, arranged and performed by the Deep Sky Divers: Jon Short and David Jones. 

"Sometime less is more and Deep Sky Divers excel in effortlessly floating minimal masterpieces, music that relaxes and uplifts simultaneously... the divers have soul" Easy Listening Review.

"Their music is at times truly magical... more than a few of their pieces give me the chills now and again, as I pass through the peaks and valleys they so deftly shape in sound" Introspective.

Beyond The Hills, When Heaven Freezes Over, Gazing Through Trees, Second Childhood's End, Lake Of mentieth, And Far Away, Timeloch, Raging Calm, All Heaven Broke Loose.


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