Deaf Shepherd - Even In The Rain



Even In The Rain is another superb acoustic album from Deaf Shepherd, a group which emphasises the strength of the traditional nature of its music by leaving the music to speak for itself.  A contemporary accent and a sure hand bring old tunes right up to date.

"Deaf Shepherd remain one of the more significant Scottish bands". Inverness Courier.

Millennium Village; The Bonnie Lass O' Wellwid Ha'; Mince; Chessmen; Yestreen I Had A Pint Of Wine/The Golden Locks  O' Anna; Poilin Ni Lionsaigh; Braemar Gathering; I Coft A Stane O' Haslock Woo; Jimmy Lothian's; The Mermaid's Sang; Even In The Rain; Lost For Words At Sea.

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