Daimh - Pirates Of Puirt



The Pirates Of Puirt is a gorgeous instrumental CD from Daimh full of rolls & slides. Updated in the verve and gusto with which the tunes are played, traditional in the tune styling. Trad celtic tunes are blended with some of Daimh's own, all showing their tremendous musicality.

Supernose; Wrechd'er; Slippy Sean's; The Funny Whistle; Bonny Doon; C Tune; Toad; The Sandy Lad; Mazurka; The Lady's Dance.

"Distinctive, high energy, pan-celtic sound." Norman Chalmers.

The full rich tones of border pipes, mandola, highland pipes and whistles are counter-pointed by the fiddle, banjo and bòdhran. Traditional tunes from many areas of the celtic kingdoms are blended here with some of the band’s own pieces, and other newly written sets, all showing the band’s tremendous musical talents. A very rich and satisfying album.

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