Da Fustra - A Shetland Dance



Shetland's favourite band with Shetland's favourite dances. 21 tracks including the full-blooded, full-length Shetland-style Quadrilles. This lively collection of toe-tapping trad and not so trad numbers is a delight from start to finish. 

".. played with zest. I defy you to sit still.. you will not be disappointed."  Inverness City Advertiser CD Review.

Grand March; Circassian Circle (R6x32); St. Bernard's Waltz; Boston Two-step; Canadian Barn Dance; Mississippi Dip; Shetland Quadrilles Figure 1 (R4x32); Figure 2 (R4x32); Figure 3 (J6x32); Figure 4 (R6x32); Figure 5 (J8x32); Figure 6 (R6x32); Accordion Duet; Eva Three-step; Palais Glide; Strip The Willow (J8x32); Gay Gordons; Dashing White Sergeant (R6x32); Military Two-step; Old Time Waltz; Boston Two-step.

Shetland dance with bounce and boogie! Da Fustra’s playing defies anyone to remain still, as the band romps through many of their best-loved dances. The tunes are a wonderful mixture of the traditional and the good old, played with such swing and style that even those with decidedly double sinister pedal tendencies will be up and loupin’ about!

First and second accordions, fiddle, piano, bass and drums give a solidly traditional feel to the band’s sound, but the skill and enthusiasm of the arrangements ensure there’s never a dull moment. The dances featured are full-length popular Ceilidh and Old Time dances, and, for the first time on CD, a storming six-figure set of Shetland Quadrilles! Don’t know them? Don’t worry, instructions are available! A must-have dance album.

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