Craig Herbertson - A Health To The Ladies



Craig Herbertson's album A Health To The Ladies is full of rousing songs for and of Scottish women; great, small, known, unknown, loved, hated, tragic and beautiful. A couple penned by Rabbie Burns, some traditional songs too, but several by Craig himself.

Prelude: Cheer Up; Green Grow The Rashes; Bonnie Light Horseman; Andrew Lammie; Dainty Davie; Rowan Tree; Mad Lizzy; Fair And Tender Ladies; Mary Queen Of Scots; The Lighthouse; He Who Would Be King; The Lichtbob's Lassie; Honest Toun Lagoons; Mormond Braes; A Red Red Rose; Loch Tay Boat Song; A Health To The Ladies; Reprise: Cheer Up.

Scots songs, traditional music, male folk singer.

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