Colin Campbell - The Collected Songs Double CD



A superb collection of songs from Highland comedian Colin Campbell. The Collected Songs includes his most requested song ever: "The Road Rage Cowboy" which hits the turntables at full speed and fun, along with Mrs Mac's B&B, Last Ferry To Skye, Highland Wind Crofter, Traveller's Guide To Caithness and other hilarious gems from the crooning crofter. A double CD pack.

Road Rage Cowboy; Perthshire Autumn; Mains Of Slacktackit; Was There Ever; A View From The Struie; Glens Of Foundland; Traveller's Guide To Caithness; Farewell Tae Tarwathie; George Christie Of Fochabers; Banffshire Braes; Grease Gun Geordie; Scottish Farmer; Rock A Hula Quinnie; Highland Grain; Gaff With No Scales; Mrs Mac's B&B; Radio Caithness Weather; Div Ye Mind; Shorepath To Kyle; Balmacarra Once More; Flow Country; Highland Dams; Scottish Diet; Col Cowboy Builder; Country Clothes; Highland Wind Crofter; Midge McNipper; Lairg Lamb Sale; The GM Kid; Old Cornhill Mart; Grey Cairns Of Camster; Last Ferry To Skye; Skye Bridge Tolls; Time Is But A Sigh; Kilbaddie's Bonnie Quine; The Furrow's End.


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