Christine Primrose - 'S Tu Nam Chuimhne



Christine Primrose's fine Gaelic singing endows these magical songs with a strength and magnificence that communicates at once even if you don't understand a word of Gaelic.

"Sung with such power and simplicity that they transend both prejudice and language". Q15.

Crystal clear, pure voice, great timing; excellent.

Tha M Eudail Is M'Aighear 'S Mo Ghradh; Coinnichidh Mi An Gleann An Fhraoich; Togail Curs Air Leodhas; La Dhomh 'S Mi 'M Beinn A 'Cheathaich; Fadachd An T-Seoladair; Cumha Ruaridh Mhoir; Taladh; 'S Daor A Cheannaich Mi 'N T-iasgach; O 'N Dh 'Fhag Thu Mi 'S Mulad Orm; Gad 'Ionndrainn; Tom An T-Searraich; 'N Ath Bhanais Bhios Agam.

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