Christine Primrose & Brian O hEadhra - An Turas



Experience the beauty of Gaelic music with the gorgeous, warm tones of Christine Primrose & Brian O hEadhra! On this album they combine their unique talents to produce an exquisite collection of Scottish and Irish Gaelic songs - all gentle and mainly unaccompanied. Take a musical journey through the traditions of the two countries with this delightful album - sure to leave your heart soaring!

"while enjoying two pleasing and harmonious voices...". The Scots Magazine.

An t-Eilean Mu Thuath; Fuigfidh Mise An Baile Seo; An-roair Bha Mi Coiseachd; An Till Mi Thuilleadh A Leodhas; Nil Se Ina La; Bothan Airigh Am Braigh Raithneach; On Dh'fhag Thu Mi's Mulad Orm; An Goitin Eornan; Mo Bhean Chomain; Sean O Duibhir An Gleanna; Seathan; Taladh An Iasgair.

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