Christina Smith & Jean Hewson - Like Ducks



Two of Newfoundland’s best musicians Christina Smith (fiddle, cello) & Jean Hewson (vocals, guitar) have together created an album of pure delight. "Like Ducks" is composed almost entirely of traditional material, but the innovative arrangements on this album give the songs and tunes an edge that will leave you wanting more. Vibrant fiddling, beautiful voice, complex guitar work and evocative cello. 

"There's no better pair of musicians to have around if you want a lively set of tunes and traditional songs." Dirty Linen.

Sound Symposium Jig; The Mallard; The Pride Of The Season; Old Boney; Jolly Jack Tar; Kelly And Joe; Broken Down Girl; Lady In The East; Scotty Macmillan's G Minor Jig; Waltz In The House; Liar's Song; I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry; Jacob's Jig; Up The Hills Of Down.

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