Chris Armstrong - Xtreme



Chris is a young piper who has progressed through pipe bands & the folk scene to establish himself as a major force at the very top level of competitive piping. His style is dynamic & exciting with a major emphasis on clarity & accuracy of fingering.

An Cu Dhu; Bulgarian Red Reels; The Bucks Of Oranmore/Bulgarian Red/ Loren Mccowan’s Reel/Simon Mckerrell’s Compliments To Finlay Macdonald/Gillian Frame; 2/4 Marches;  P/M Roderick J Macleod MBE/Barry & Irene Armstrong’s 25th Wedding Anniversary;  TNT; Hornpipes; Kick Start/Big Bunnet’s Hornpipe/Touchin’ Cloth; Dive Bombing Jigs; Fiona’s Jig/ Mckerrell’s Helium Powered Uillean Pipes/Dive Bombing Shitehawks;  Oran Canntaireachd; Rock Aqus Roll; Rockin’Fingers/Kim’s Crazy Loops/Stratochanter; Strathspeys & Reels; Andrew Wright/ Arniston Castle/ Hoddom Castle/ John Morrison Of Assynt House; Kazoo Assassin; Bulgarian Red/Rene The Banjo Man/Simon Mckerrell’s/The Campbeltown Assassin; The ‘B’ Box Reels; The ‘B’ Box/ Roarty’s Reel/ Air Bodhran/Kennedy’s Favourite/Donald Shaw’s; Second Wind; X-Treme; X-Treme/The Mason’s Apron.

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