Charlie Landsborough - My Heart Would Know

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On My Heart Would Know Charlie Landsborough presents a new collection of songs, mainly his own gentle ballads, spiced up with a jaunty rendition of The Ugly Bug Ball! Sixteen tracks including Lennon & McCartney's Long And Winding Road.

"Portrait of Charlie Landsborough" released shortly before this album, converted a lot of new fans, reached No. 23 in the UK charts and achieved Gold Disc status.

"My Heart Would Know" contains mostly Charlie's own penned songs, but also some classic songs such as Always, Maggie and The Long And Winding Road. The title track, which was inspired by Charlie's brother who suffers from dementia, has received great acclaim.

Always; 24 Hours Times Two; My Heart Should Know; I Am Red; You'll Cast A Mighty Long Shadow; I Know What It Is To Be Loved; Maggie; The Closest Thing (To My Heart); The Long And Winding Road; Going My Own Sweet Way; Ugly Bug Ball; Moate; He Still Holds You; Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again; Like A Stone; I'll Be Missing You.

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