Catriona MacDonald - Bold



Young Traditional Musician award winner, and former member of Blazin' Fiddles, Catriona's playing can range from laid-back rootsy dance vibes, to driving traditional reels, from poignant slow airs to jazz-influenced numbers. "Enough raw energy to replace Dounreay!"

Andy's Saltire; Shetland Reels; Michael's Mazurka; The Shetland Fiddle Diva; Eilidh's Trip In Germany; The Tuddal Troll; Freddie's Tune; Return To Stewartry; The Lost Ponytail; Da Silver Bow.

If you like fiddle music you can check out our Scottish Fiddle CD collection and you may also find them used in lots of Scottish Country Dance CDs, or Scottish Ceilidh Dance CDs.

Scots music, traditional music, fiddling music.

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