Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Suil Air Ais



Gaelic song by one of the finest exponents. Catherine-Ann MacPhee lilts through a selection of old & new Gaelic songs, some happy, some sad. Brilliant backing musicians give this CD a lift well above the average, with clever arrangements and new subtle settings. Cathy-Ann's latest collection features many of her all-time favourite Gaelic songs, several associated with her childhood on Barra, and is aptly titled "Suil Air Ais" or "Looking Back" "A flourish of superlatives is merited by Suil Air Ais - arguably the finest Gaelic singer of today". Scots Magazine.

Ho Mo Luran He Mo Luran; Mal Na Mara; Failte Dhruim Fionn; Griogal Cridhe; Puirt - Ci'n Fhidheall; Sguaban Arbhair; A Ghaoil Leig Dhachaidh; Mo Chridhe Trom 'S Mi Sealadh; Goal An T-Seoladair; Am Buachaille Ban; Puirt - Calum Beag; Mo Robaireach Gaolach; O Iosa Bi'n Comhnaidh.

Catherine-Ann MacPhee was the first Gaelic singer to be signed to Greentrax Recordings back in 1987. Her first album Canan Nan Gaidheal is still regarded as a classic Gaelic release. She followed this up in 1991 with Chi Mi'n Geamhradh, also highly acclaimed. In 1994 Cathy-Ann recorded the songs of Mairi Mhor nan Oran ('Big Mary of The Songs and Bard of the Land League') for the late John McGrath film "Mairi Mhor", screened on BBC TV. She was also one of the outstanding Gaelic singers on the ground-breaking "Gaelic Women" album of 1999, featured in a stunning Celtic Connections concert a year later.

Cathy-Ann, who currently lives in Canada with her family, recorded her vocals in K.A. Sound Studio, Ottawa, under the guiding hand of producer Tony McManus who brought the tapes back to Scotland, where the instrumental backing was laid down at Pier House Studios. The musicians are Mairi Maclnnes (backing vocals), Wendy Stewart (clarsach), Tony McManus (guitars), Neil Martin (cello), Iain MacDonald (flute and small pipes) and Ewen Vernal (bass). The album was mixed and mastered by Tony McManus and Peter Haigh. The beautiful painting featured on the front cover is the work of Cathy-Ann's young daughter Mairead MacDonald. "This collection will surely delight lovers of Gaelic song everywhere... A graceful and truly enjoyable collection." Living Tradition.

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