Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Chi Mi'n Geamhradh



Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Chi Mi'n Geamhradh

From Eoligarry on the Island of Barra Cathy-Ann has a beautiful natural voice and clear pronunciation which makes her singing a joy to hear. Here she is joined by Savourna Stevenson on harp, Jack Evans on whistles, Charlie McKerron on fiddle and more.

"I do mean a GREAT singer". 24 Hours Magazine.

Chi Mi'n Geamhradh; Chaidh Mo Dhunnchadh Dha'n Bheinn; O Hi Ri Lean; Bidh Clann Ulaidh; Mile Marbhphaisg Air A' Ghaol; Seathan; Bu Deonach Leam Tilleadh; 'S Muladach Mi 'S Mi Air M'Aineol; Bothan Airigh Am Braigh Rainneach; Tha Na H-Uain Air An Tulaich; Na Libh O Ho I.

Chi Mi'n Geamhradh was produced by Jim Sutherland, who also played percussion, cittern and more. Other musicians were:-
JACK EVANS - Whistles;
NEIL HAY - Fretless Bass Guitar;
ALLAN MacDONALD - Backing Vocals, Practice Chanter Sc Jew's-Harp.

The album contains a well balanced mixture of Gaelic songs, both accompanied and unaccompanied.

Words of the songs are included in Gaelic and English in the CD booklet.

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