Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Canan Nan Gaidheal



Catherine-Ann MacPhee is known as one of the greatest Gaelic voices. Rich, earthy, natural tone, delivered in a beautiful relaxed style. Her version of the title song Canan Nan Gaidheal is simply exquisite. Regarded as a classic Gaelic album, it is one of our best-sellers - if you only buy one Gaelic CD this should be it!

"Recommended purchase". Folk Roots.

"Required listening" The Broadbeat Magazine.

Hi Ri Ri O Ra Ill O; A Nighean Nan Geug Taladh; Puirt-A-Beul; Soiridh Leis A' Bhreacan Ur; Iomair Thusa; Canan Nan Gaidheal; 'S Fliuch An Oidhche; Oran An 'Iolaire; Cearcall A' Chuain; Puirt-A-Beul; An Ataireachd Ard.

Gaelic lyrics & translation in the booklet.

Musicians on this CD:
Billy Jackson - Clarsach, whistles, double bass; (Member of Ossian). 
Tony Cuffe - Guitar. (Of Ossian). 
Iain MacDonald - Highland Bagpipe, flute. (Of Ossian). 
John Martin - Fiddles, viola. (Of Ossian).
Jim Sutherland - Bodhran, double bass, percussion. (Of The Easy Club).

Catherine-Ann MacPhee, who hails from Barra, has worked as an actress and singer with 7:84 Theatre Company Scotland since 1981, travelling all over Scotland and playing in Moscow, Leningrad, Tbilisi, Toronto, Cape Breton and Berlin. Early in 1989 she appeared on television in the widely acclaimed "There Is a Happy Land", another very successful 7:84 production.

Catherine-Ann is not only a fine singer, with a clarity of voice and range envied by many but she has a warm, cheerful personality which we believe has been captured on this recording and you're bound to 'hear her smile' on some tracks. As John McGrath says in the sleeve notes, "She is a singer with a huge and wonderful repertoire, a voice that speaks straight to the heart, conveying a depth of experience way beyond her years....".

On the album Catherine-Ann sings a nicely balanced mixture of Puirt-A-BeuI, Waulking, Rowing and other songs. Some are unaccompanied, allowing the voice - said to be the greatest instrument of all - to carry the song, while others are accompanied by the very talented musicians mentioned above.

"Her brand of powerful, evocative singing" Scots Magazine.

"It was certainly worth the wait" West Highland Free Press.

"Just beautiful" Judi Dyki, U.S.A. Radio.

"Superb recording" The Oral Tradition, U.S.A.

"A triumph, an achievement and not to be missed" Celtic Fringe.

"What a debut" People's Journal.

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