Canntaireachd - Canntaireachd



Canntaireachd is a teenage close-harmony Gaelic singing group from Inverness. On this, their debut album, they have fourteen tracks of traditional and self-penned Gaelic songs, with solo spots, and instrumental accompaniment, from among the members of the group.

Canntaireachd; Coinneach Odhar; Gura Thall Ann An Soaigh; Buain Na Rainich; Orain Luaidh; O Diuram; Choisich Mi; Ma Theid Mise Tuilleadh A Leodhas Nan Cruinneag; Puirt-a-beul; Alleluia; A Hug-a, A Hug-a; Maraiche Nan Cuantan; Gaol Ise, Gaol I; Tearlach Darwin.

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