Calum Martin - Imrich



Over his long career in music Calum Martin has written many songs. From his early days with the band Island Express to his more recent solo work, he has shown a willingness to take the Gaelic tradition and respectfully move it forward. This new album, Calum's seventh, Imrich continues in that style - with Gaelic language and culture the bedrock, but new influences and styles.

Most of the songs are written by Calum himself.

Chi mi Bhuam; Na Ar Baile; Monsieur Grenier’s Waltz; Cutting the Trees/He Sona Ho Sona; Cha Chluinn mi ’n Tràigh; Le Destin de Donald; The Tolsta Road; O Mhàiri, e Mhàiri; Dr John Smith of Breasclete; A’ Choille Gharbh; Macleod’s Crossing; Mairi.

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