Calum Martin - Frayvn



Frayvn is the 2017 CD release by Calum Martin. His music comes from a deep Gaelic tradition but brought into the modern age with hints of his interest in many other genres from folk to blues, and piping to rock and Americana.

The Scarista Wedding; Math gu lèor leam fhìn; The Sutton Persuasion; Chi mi ‘n Geamhradh; DTs Welcome; Earrach air an Eilean; Archie’s March; Cailin ‘n fhuilt bhàin; Murdo A; An Dealan –dè; Lachlan Alec of Uist; Fàgail Ghlaschu; Mist on Gweedore; Isabella’s Tune; That’s alright with me; Ps 119 Aleph.

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