Caitlin Maude - Caitlin



From Conamara, Caitlin Maude was a well-known Gaelic poet and language activist. On this recording she recites eight of her own poems and sings eight songs.

In the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s Caitlin Maude was an influential voice in Gaelic letters, and a sean-nos singer of some ability. 

Dan; Donall Og; Impi; Uileacain Duibh O; Amhran Gra Vietnam; An Bonnan Bui; Aimhreidh; Is Fada Mo Chosa Gan Broga; Mo Dhaimh; Currachai Na Tra Baine; Liobar; A Dhe; Liam O' Raghallaigh; Na Blatha; An tSailchuach.

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