Bruce MacGregor - 101 Reasons To Do Nothing



Bruce MacGregor was a founding member and still leads the hugely successful Blazin' Fiddles'. On this 'solo' CD featuring many of his self-penned tunes he shows what makes him one of the leading Scottish fiddle players. Superb playing, great tunes and a stunning line up of backing musicians including Phil Cunningham & Jonnie Hardie. Powerful, passionate contemporary Scottish fiddle.

"...not just good, this is superb". Shetland Times.

The Highlanders Revenge; Cambridge Caravan Catastrophe; Liza Mulholland; Sir Henri Laphroaig Dinoir Of Cluthiebootle; Grindaboo; Cajan Chaz; 101 Reasons; Cianalach; The Promotion Jig; The Miser; Peggy Mulholland; Bill And Sandy; Falls Of Lora; Cropey's; Lament For King George V.

Bruce was one of the fiddle students fortunate enough to have learnt under the great Donald Riddell. He and some of the other pupils including Duncan Chisholm produced a tribute album "A Highland Fiddler" released in 2002.

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