Brandon McPhee - The Brandon McPhee Experience



The Brandon McPhee Experience is something to behold! Brandon and the band have been wowing audiences for several years with their sell-out shows featuring the incredible accordion dexterity and rich vocals of this talented young man. These fifteen tracks will let you hear why the shows are so popular.

Tracks: Archie Harrison's Reel/Michelle Grace Sinclair/Barrowburn Reel/Itchy Fingers; I'm Gonna Find A Way; Good Old Boy; Skye Glen Waltz/Margaret's Waltz; Barely Beating Broken Heart; Dr. Bob/Craic At Clashmore Hall; Martelette; Go Rest High On That Mountain; Lewis & Harris Gathering/Hills Of Perth; Ties That Bind; Old Town Road; Hallelujah; The Bluebird; Ballochyle/Wades Welcome To Inverness; Walking On The Waves.

The line-up features Brandon on his precious Hohner Shand Morino, vocals and acoustic guitar, Phil Anderson on electric & acoustic guitars, bass and backing vocals, Alastair MacDonald on second accordion, Manson Grant on piano and backing vocals, Richard Nelson on steel guitar, Aubrey Heaney on fiddle, Raymond Bremner on piano (Hallelujah) and Robert Cameron on drums.

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