Brandon McPhee - Ten Years On



Ten years after his first recording, at the tender age of 11, Brandon McPhee displays his superb talent once more. He has recorded several other CDs in the meantime, most featuring his accordion virtuosity, but two CDs also show his singing talents. He really is an all-round musical genius! The 15 tracks on this album range from high tempo jigs and reels to the jaunty Bluebell Polka and the intricate Jacqueline Waltz.

Atholl Highlanders/Rakes of Kildare/Teviot Brig/Ness Bothan; Loch Ruan/Leslie Angus/Thomas Sanders; Loch Ruan/Leslie Angus/Thomas Sanders; Memories of Willie Snaith of Hexham; Whistling Rufus; Glens of Angus/Bonnie Gallowa/Highland Cradle Song/My Mother; Dashing White Sergeant/The Mason's Apron/CTS Express/Reconciliation; Shetland Two Step; Jacqueline Waltz; Scotland The Brave/Mharis Wedding/Thistle of Scotland; The Bluebell Polka; Dawn's Waltz/Frank & Moira Stephen's Ruby Wedding; Under The Double Eagle; Fraser and Kevin McGlynn/John Macmillan of Barra; Home on the Range; Flying Scotsman.

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