Brandon McPhee - My Tribute To Ireland CD



A feast of Irish Music played by the brilliant young Highland accordionist Brandon McPhee. He captures the essence of the music superbly, and as Mick Foster (of Foster and Allen) says "I highly recommend this new recording of Brandons and I think it is a must have addition to any CD collection".

Brandon McPhee My Tribute To Ireland CDPAN052 CD front

The Mooncoin Reel/The Sally Gardens/Jackie Coleman’s Reel; Out On The Ocean/Jackie Coleman’s Reel/The Blackthorn Stick/Off She Goes; The Marino Waltz; Boys of Bluehill/The Stack of Wheat/Harvest Home; Maggie in the Woods/The Sword of St Columba/Church Street Polka; Wild Colonial Boy/Homes of Donegal/Green Glens of Antrim; Sweeney’s Polka/Egan’s Polka/The Siege of Ennis Original; Connaughtman's Rambles Jig/The Kesh Jig/The Humours of Glen; Take this Message to my Mother/Goodbye Johnny Dear/Lovely Leitrim; Lord of the Dance/Muirsheen Durkin/Tell Me Ma/Say You Love; Saddle the Pony/Biddy of Sligo/Tenpenny Bit/Roaring Jelly; The Galway Hornpipe/Sligo Fancy Hornpipe/The Sunshine Hornpipe; Alpine Slopes; Never Was Piping So Gay/The Fisherman's Island/The Hunter’s House; Danny Boy/The Town I Loved So Well/Mary From Dungloe; Walking On The Waves (featuring Foster & Allen).

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